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Join us!

A few days in from our launch to tackle IMDB - the movie ratings giant that the industry uses as a barometer of public taste and we're off to a great start. We now have over 230 reviews and our rating stands at 8.3 which is still within the top 100 films of all time.

Now we realise our rating will inevitably decrease over time. The more ratings we get and the broader our audience becomes the more likely it is that our aggregate will move downwards as people with broader tastes encounter the film, but there's a greater principle at play and that is to try and demonstrate to IMDB - and by proxy - the wider industry that there is an audience appetite for small character-led films and that are people drawn not just to actors and established names, they're also drawn to stories.

And for everyone who is helping us to spread the word and help raise our profile we're extremely grateful. It's an enormous uphill struggle to get 25,000 ratings for such a small film but if we don't try, then we can never succeed.



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Just a quick note to kick off the IMDB campaign. 25000 votes needed to get Lad featured in the IMDB rankings. Can we be the smallest film to achieve this monumental task?!


Pip Stacey
Aug 27, 2018

A very moving film, I loved every minute


Colin Symonds
Colin Symonds
Aug 26, 2018

Great film and wonderful scenery .very good acting.

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